Sports to the Maxx is a business made up of a team of athletes that coach and train people in extreme sports; skating (in-line, roller and ice), skiing (downhill and water), boarding (skate and snow), riding (English, western, vaulting), biking (mountain and BMX) and pole vaulting. The Sports to the Maxx philosophy, trains people to go beyond what they believe to be possible with sports that move faster than the body would move on its own. This demands extreme precision, timing, and balance. The MaxxMethod incorporates a technique for coaching that has unprecedented results, transforming the "whole Being"- body, mind and soul.

Most method's of training focus on the technique of the sport only, while Sports to the Maxx's coaching inquires into all domains of life; loves, fears, work, family, etc.-while training. Sports to the Maxx's goal is to bring people present, to become one with the sport by shifting the focus into their life. The separation between the technique of the sport and their identity merge, achieving unprecedented breakthroughs and results.

Sports to the Maxx is a business that has grown from its unique training work and coaching philosophy. Up until now the business was developed without a plan, just by simply responding to the needs of youth and adults; with a commitment to having fun while learning a sport.

Sports to the Maxx was founded by Suzanne Maxx. The media started to catch on and contributed to Sports to the Maxx's growth and development with; Eye on LA.'s episode airing on television and Los Angeles Magazine naming Suzanne Maxx the "Best In-Line Skate Instructor and included a write up about the business. Suzanne uses her gifts to help other people and to share her love, expertise and commitment she has with skating, skiing and horseback riding.

Primary Age Groups
· The training Sports to the Maxx offers is for all ages 2 years old to 85 years young
· All physical backgrounds, from the professional to amateur athlete, and for the disabled or handicapped.
· Sports to the Maxx's target range for training is youth 6-18years old
· Adults primarily between 30-55.
· Provides training, coaching, and instruction for sports; with private coaching, classes and clinics.

The coaching Sports to the Maxx provides, allows others to benefit from the team of trainer's diverse backgrounds. Pole vaulting Olympian, Tom Hintnaus contributes other sports as well, such as, boarding (snow and skate), and some extraordinary equipment developed to just train for the extreme. Mary Rusyniak, shares her love for skating (she had trained for the Olympics in ice-skating), and Robin Kinmont shares her love for downhill skiing and horseback riding. Together the Sports to the Maxx team bring to the business a background in personal growth, spirituality, psychology, and sports expertise.

With In-line skating there has been a market saturation of product with limited instruction and programs. Kids need a place to not only play, but also to train, and Sports to the Maxx has both a technique to train in, and the equipment to do the training. Sports to the Maxx shares their formula for extreme training, integrating the unique philosophy to help to create successful programs for a wide variety of international programs and venues. By utilizing Sports to the Maxx's programs developed for; fitness programs, clubs, resorts and spas, there is the support for growth of all involved through cross promotion and teamwork.

Sports to the Maxx is unique in its technique and also in that it works with other businesses, organizations and corporations to create programs. Sports to the Maxx works with Gyms and Clubs to offer a "Whole Being Workout." Spas and Resorts internationally are beginning to incorporate Sports to the Maxx's alternative programs; with custom clinics and seasonal programs. Sports to the Maxx works with schools to develop curriculum for Physical Education for in school and after school programs. Corporations hire Sports to the Maxx to provide training using the philosophy and physical technique to generate more effective teamwork. Sports to the Maxx brings these elements, technique and equipment to create new programs with existing places such as, The City of Malibu's and Santa Monica's Parks and Recreation Departments, and The Club at MGM's programs. The courses are developed to confront challenges in order to generate working capabilities as a whole and as a unit.

Through municipalities, clubs, spas, corporations, and other group structures, the training is more available and affordable than the private coaching. Sports to the Maxx's participation in trade shows, sporting events and conventions offer different rates and expand the opportunities.

Sports to the Maxx uses special equipment to free the body from gravity, and provides a way to learn extreme maneuvers, in a safe environment. Sports to the Maxx's extreme training machines afford young athletes the opportunity to execute extreme maneuvers without the cost of injury or risk of bodily harm. Sports to the Maxx coaches in extreme sports that have not had the benefits of comprehensive training programs or education about the techniques. Learning a technique and having the advantage of extreme training equipment for extreme maneuvers combined with the MaxxMethod of coaching; allows for a "whole being" workout. The difference is the "Maxx Method" integrates the technique of the extreme sport while simultaneously doing exercises with personal growth and balance. What happens after some time is an unprecedented stillness, while moving, "being" the extreme sport.

Sports to the Maxx is a business that has organically grown from its unique training work and coaching philosophy. Sports to the Maxx, is a coaching and training business that not only applies to sports, but also to a state of "being" and to a "way of life." The key message or phrase is, "Who you are being, effects what you are doing;" or "Just BE it." The biggest objection to the training process for people is fear of not enough time, money, or lack of understanding about what is possible from the unknown. People ask if there is anything similar to the kind of training Sports to the Maxx offers. There are several other aspects of training such as, Mind Body Boot Camp, Ski Magic, Wilderness Experience, The Forum, Insight, Life Springs, Anthony Robin's work, NLP, Fire Walking, Ropes Courses, that have similar components to Sports to the Maxx and the MaxxMethod™. Schools that train in Karate, Aikido, Judo, and other non- western martial arts, share similar beliefs about the integration of the physical, with the spiritual. Yet, Sports to the Maxx is unique in that, no one presently that we know of in the west, has linked the training of these physically extreme disciplines directly with a philosophy that transcends the technique of the sport.

Sports to the Maxx's participation in trade shows, sporting events and international conventions contribute to a presence now. International Speaking, workshops and lectures at conventions and expositions worldwide provide the opportunity for the Sports to the Maxx trainers to share about their own personal challenges and how they were met, as well as the philosophy and principals of Sports to the Maxx. Sports to the Maxx would like to develop an annual international event. Meanwhile Sports to the Maxx participates and contributes to existing events and races (The Dolphin Run, Free Art's Run, Bike and Skate) adding to their present categories, extending the spectrum of sports.

A Business Plan is being developed for Sports to the Maxx, which thoroughly explores promotions and advertising. In the development and promotional plans are the, training equipment, machines and devices, extreme training parks, fitness program, athletic apparel, athletic events, videos, books, original work-out program, training philosophy, brochure, a television series, talk show circuit, and computer game. Sports to the Maxx plans to provide a training ground, a center for youth to inspire a paradigm for a new athletic role model. All of the products being developed through Sports to the Maxx are in alignment with the philosophy and principals of training. Sports to the Maxx plans to grow financially with participation from corporate sponsorship, investors, and by investing one third of all income produced, back into the business.

The training and coaching is available now. The extreme parks that are widely popular today are not oriented toward the goal of extreme training, just recreation. We are developing a new prototype for an Extreme Training Park, and the opening will depend on the venue and sponsorship. The Skate Park being developed in Malibu, (where Sports to the Maxx is contracted to offer training) plans to be completed in the summer of 1999. Sports to the Maxx has an original training technique and curriculum, promotional materials, related press, newspaper articles, classes, clinics, and public speaking engagement's overview printed and available upon request.