Top 20 Questions


Q1. What type of business do you have?
Sports to the Maxx, is a coaching and training business that not only applies to sports, but also to a state of "being" and to a "way of life."

Q2. What is the purpose of this business?

Sports to the Maxx's purpose is to train people to go beyond what they believe to be possible with the extreme sports; these sports are distinct in their movement, which occurs faster than the body goes on it's own, in order to create more freedom.

Q3. What is the key message or phrase to describe your business in one sentence?

Who you are being effects what you are doing.

Q4. What is your reason for starting your own business?

Sports to the Maxx started to provide the resources to make the multi-media project, World Team. I started my own business for the freedom to use the gifts I have to help other people and to share my love, expertise and commitment with skating, skiing and horseback riding; and to utilize my background in; personal growth, spirituality, psychology, applying my degree from Sarah Lawrence College.

Q5. What is your product or service?

Training, couching, instruction for sports, offering classes and clinics with a unique philosophy. Future products in development are; training equipment, machines and devices, videos, books; a television series, fitness program, athletic apparel, athletic events, and extreme training parks.

Q6. Can you list three unique benefits of your product?

Sports to the Maxx's training transforms your whole being; body, mind and soul.

Q7. Do you have datasheets, brochures, diagrams, sketches, photographs, related press releases or other documentation about your product/service?

Sports to the Maxx has an original training technique and curriculum, promotional materials, related press, newspaper articles, classes, clinics, and public speaking engagement's overview.

Q8. What is the product application?

The training Sports to the Maxx offers is for all ages (2yrs.old-85yrs.young), and all physical backgrounds from pro to amateur to disabled or handicapped.

Q9. What led you to develop your product?
Skating became the fastest growing sport in the world, having a skill and unique philosophy for the training of theses relatively newer, popular sports I fulfilled the demand. I capitalized on the fitness trend by serving the need of people to feel safe, while doing what could be inherently dangerous. People want to learn how to stop, but what they would realize in the process of learning to stop was they never knew how to go, truly.

Through the teaching of the physcial technique of the sport, I realized that clients were having unpresedented breakthroughs in their whole lives by using not only physical exercises, but also psychological, as well as spiritual. Through the rapidity
By exercizingthe psycological
Formats restricted -cookie cutter plan for existing places.
Market saturation of product with use limited
Kids need a place toplay, train.
Response to peoples request for more information and directly generating these ideas.

Q10. Is this product or service used in connection with other products?

Yes, all of the products developed support the philosophy and principals of training.

Q11. List the top three objections to buying your product/service immediately?

Fear of not enough time, money, or lack of trust in the process.

Q12. When will your product be available?

The training and coaching is available now. The park's projected completion is the summer of 1999. All other materials are to be available in the next millennium.

Q13. Who is your target audience?
Youth, 6-18. Professional Women and Men from 30-55.

Q14. Who is your competition?
Presently we have none that is incorporating all three training's, yet there are aspects of Mind Body Boot Camp, Ski Magic, Wilderness Experience, The Forum, Insight, and Life Springs, Anthony Robbins, NLP, Fire Walking, Ropes Course, that have similar components to Sports to the Maxx. Schools that train in Karate, Aikido, Judo, and other non- western martial arts share similar beliefs.

Q15. How is your product differentiated from that of your competition?
No one presently that we know of in the west has linked the training of these physically extreme disciplines directly with a philosophy that transcends the actual sport.

Q16. What is the pricing of your product versus your competition?
For corporate training and team building we are relatively inexpensive. The private coaching costs $500

Q17. Are you making any special offers?
Through municipalities, clubs, spas, corporations, and other group formations the training is much more affordable. Trade shows, sporting events and conventions have different rates.

Q18. What plans do you have for advertising & promotions?
Business plan developed, including marketing strategy. Participate in trade shows, sporting events and international conventions. Web sight up, brochure, talk shows speaking, book, video, computer game etc.

Q19. How will you finance company growth?

Sports to the Maxx will grow financially with participation from Corporate sponsorship, investors, and by investing a percentage of the income produced back into the business.

Q20. Do you have the management team needed to achieve your goals?

Not yet. We are in the process of seeking that now.